365 Soft scrub Product of the Month

Hi all sorry its been a while hasn't it!

So I thought that for those of you who have not yet seen the product of the month video on you tube, I would write out why I've chosen it as my product of the month and the best ways to use it, so here you are!

I chose 365 soft scrub because it is my daily cleanser, I absolutely LOVE this product! Its from the Excel Therapy O2 range, O2 being oxygenating and it contains the wonderful life-cytoxygen for radiance and rejuvenation, milk proteins for skin conditioning and shea butter to sooth and soften the skin its a creamy exfoliator with soft exfoliating spheres suitable for all skin types because it is SOOO soft when mixed with water, in fact its SO soft you can use it 365 days of the year!

You can use it a couple of ways, its main intention is to squeeze a small amount (about the size of a 10p) and add water foaming it up, then gently massaging it onto your face in upwards circular motion (avoiding the eye area, trust me you don't want to do that by accident at 6am!) then rinse with water and pat dry...…… another way I like to use it especially if i've been on a plane or train or slept in my makeup the night before is to apply it to my face without water and use it as a harsher exfoliator still gently massaging it into the skin but you'll notice if you do do this that the spheres are more abrasive. once I've done a quick rough exfoliation in this way I then add the water to my hands then onto the face and start to lather the scrub up (it'll still foam up even though it looks as though the skin has absorbed it!) and keep going until you feel nice and clean then just rinse it off the same way!

So to conclude its a fab first product of the day everyday, it comes in one size 150ml squeezy tube and costs £44.80 go add it to your bag now and get awesome skin too!

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