Hello to all my wonderful clients, old, new and potential.

Please excuse me I have never done a Blog before, its rather scary (not as scary as the Vlog will be in a few days time EAKK!) So, we are day 7 of the salon being closed and I and the children are climbing the walls! (didn't take too long did it!)

So I've been thinking that I shall try to keep everyone up to date on my level of crazy by doing some blogs, then doing a vlog for the "product of the month." I've chosen a product that I love.. no Adore! and use everyday, I shall teach you how to use it and also as there are other faces in the house I shall use it on my unsuspecting victims I mean models and get them to give you their opinion on it too, how does that sound?

I shall also be very very busy setting up the online shop so that you can purchase the goodies remotely yourself, to enjoy them at home and keep up the good work ready for when we are able to come flooding back out of the house, which I hope will be rather soon (I love my family but they're driving me to drink being stuck in such confinement with them everyday lol!) in the meantime if you know of a product that you love and that I have you can get hold of me via the Facebook business page (Body Belissima) Facebook or call me or you can even use the message link on this site to sort out getting it from me asap! I don't want anyone digging in the box in the bathroom that collects all the unfinished out of date creams and cleansers because they think I'm unreachable (and don't think I don't know that's what you'd do because it's what I would do!! ok ok have done! gosh you know me well lol!) Any way ladies and gents enough babbling from me, I am super sorry we are all going through this but thankfully we are all stuck in it together and we shall get through it together too!! Take care all love Suzy x

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