Oh my Goodness! Isn't being at home with the little poppets difficult!!??? Anyone else worried they'll be looking for their first AA meeting once this is all over? oh look, biscuits!

So, I did the vlog and its live on You Tube! I've no idea how to link the two at the moment but it'll be here soon otherwise if you're after a laugh just go looking for me on You Tube. You'll also notice I've been a busy bee putting all (cough) ok some of our products on the website for you to purchase, at the moment you cant check out on the page you will have to put all that you want into your basket then email me and I will link you to a paypal page or give you the direct details for payment. I am sorry its not easier for you but at this very moment you've a non computer geek trying to learn many new skills! hopefully I am winning at all of this!

So for a bit of fun, and to try and ensure my relationship with my children remains a good one I shall be including them in the next vlog, we can do something that has been done many, many times before but its such a laugh and I feel we are all in need of a few more of those right about now! I cant say more than that else it'll spoil all the fun and the girls will be stoked by the idea (mummy brownie points!)

Any way I think that that's all from me for now (cause it really is time I had a stiff drink in my hand) and I've SOOOOO many more products to upload (gosh I hope people buy them! I mean who doesn't need a new lippy to cheer them up right now? hey, i'll even send a "CONGRATULATIONS YOUVE WON" letter in the packaging if like me you "win" a lot of makeup rather than buy it cause you just cannot live without it ;)

Love to you all, stay safe x

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